Friday Media Prep: Captain Marvel Has Me SHOOK

Every Friday we will feature the inspiring books, movies, TV shows, and other works of art you have to check out. Please share your suggestions below!

Can anyone remember what life like before Marvel films got good and started dropping every 3 to 6 months? I sure as hell can’t , but I’m pretty cool with it!  Now that there are heroes running around the screen who look or feel like people I can identify with, from T’Challa to Peter Parker, but now we finally get to root for a female-led adventure. Not the love interest of the lead, nor the bff, but the sure-fire HERO. It’s going to be wonderful if Marvel continues their streak (not counting Thor 2) of knocking it out of the park. If you haven’t seen the trailer already it is below!

My girl Jesse first introduced me to the subject of this Uproxx piece over the weekend.  While we did our beauty routine in my bathroom. we listened to Jackie Michele Johnson’s”Natch Beaut” ( i.e. natural beauty), a podcast dedicated to cruelty-free, vegan beauty and exploring how women are taking care of themselves. Jackie’s podcast is a riot, she’s hilarious and her dedication to joy in our mucky world is a gift. Read the profile of Ms. Johnson here.

Black women often aren’t afforded the space to be securely confident, so when we stand up for ourselves, or refuse to bow down, the world usually feels like it is on the verge of an implosion. I really appreciated this piece in Essence that utilizes the cases of Serena Williams and Janet Jackson in order to address the frustrating conundrum of being self-assured while black and female. It’s quite the read, and you can check it out here.

That’s it for this week’s Media Prep! I hope you enjoy your weekend and set aside some time do what makes your heart soar. You got this!


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Friday Media Prep: Mermaids, Moms and Movement

Every Friday I will feature the books, movies, TV shows, and other works of art that have been inspiring me, or that I’m looking forward to experiencing. Please share your suggestions below!

Hello, hello, you beautiful people! To round out this wonderful week, I want to send you of with some programming and reading that just might inspire you to get moving, get creating, or get up from a funk. Below you’ll find my selections for the weekend. Saturdays and Sundays are my time to settle back into what I need for a happier life, and these suggestions have got me thinking deeper than before. Enjoy! And as always, stay strong.


Image via Freeform

This show on Freeform honestly had me at the diverse cast and black mermaid. I remember flopping around the lake near my childhood home, dreaming I was a beautiful lady of the sea – I even have the video footage to prove it! But, this show isn’t your average damsel in distress romp. The mermaids are powerful and ferocious in their own right and striking beyond comparison. Throw in commentary on conservationism, the autonomy of the female body and gender stereotypes, and you have the perfect show for a chick like me. You can stream the first season of Sirenon Hulu before season 2 premiers next year. I also recommend reading this article on Black Girl Nerds for a deeper dive (*wink wink) into the symbolism of the show.


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Elena Scotti for Amazon

As a newlywed who is constantly being pressured to have a popping belly, this title instantly stood out to me. However, after reading Stassa Edwards’ wonderful review of Motherhood Sheila Heti, I’m now dying to cop it. The book focuses on a creative woman’s ambivalence about having a child. Can you remain true to yourself while also being a good mom? Do you have to sacrifice everything or is there middle ground? Does one choice make you a bad person? This topic is rarely presented through the lens of a woman on the cusp of a decision so life-altering, which I truly appreciate in my current state.

Serena Williams all over the place

Serena Williams Harper's Bazaar July issue cover
Image via Harper’s Bazaar

I have been a fan – dare I say obsessively – of Serena and Venus Williams since Venus jumped onto the scene as a young, lanky teen. To see a girl with braids, beads, brown skin and muscles playing a sport I considered off-limits for people like me was life-changing. When Serena hit the courts it was basically game over. Serena didn’t have the type of body people wanted to accept as feminine, which truly affected me deeply. I can’t even count the number of times she was called some variation of ugly in an attempt to rob her of her glory. Yet, she stood tall and continued to kick that booty. Now, she’s a wife and mother who refuses to slow down or be defeated. You can catch Serena in the newest issue of Harper’s Bazaar, playing in the French Open (3 AM EST) or over at her new clothing line. I’m trying to grab a few of her lovely pieces.