My (Current) ‘Get Shit Done’ Playlist

“Life seems to go on without effort when I am filled with music.” – George Eliot

As a recovering loud kid, I can’t stand silence. Empty spaces make me sweat, and I absolutely detest the quiet game.  My parents often reflect on the day I started talking in the same grim tones you would expect to hear from a retired detective. I was never quiet, and just when I was old enough to stop crying for recognition I started talking. Then, the music started. I was singing all over the place, my voice shamelessly bouncing off our walls and into the world. Music transported me to new planes of existence long before I had the words to describe my sense of fealty, and it more often than not helped me to calm down when my emotions spiraled. Music – singing it, listening to it, learning about it – has been a life-long form of love that I show to myself.

I’ve finally discovered enough self-control to not bellow every chance I get, however my no silence affliction is compounded exponentially when I’m supposed to be working (or eating). Working simply feels like work when you have to do it without sound. You would think music wouldn’t calm a wayward mind, but it somehow creates a level of focus I can’t harness without it. Just as the quote above states: music simply helps me float through the sludge.

This list is not referring to bops you can sway to absentmindedly at a red light. I’m talking about the songs that inspire the laser focus of a falcon. Whether it be due to genetics, or an intrinsic level of rage , these songs get me authentically and indomitably HYPED to create. I’m able to quell my restlessness, ignore my insecurities about writing and put myself out there at least once a day. The music I’m going to share isn’t necessarily a list of club-bangers; in reality, most of the tunes are relatively subdued. However, the singer in me is inspired to focus by the sounds, beats, and wordplay of each song listed below. I’m not sure which gene they tickle, but I’ve been looking to these songs for the last few months when I need to buckle down.

So, without further ado, the playlist designed to help me get shit done!


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“Help Me Lose My Mind” – Disclosure feat. London Grammar (SOHN Remix)

“Rusty Nails” – Moderat

“Insane”- Flume feat. Moon Holiday

“Level Up” -Ciara

“Passionfruit” – Paramore  performing a cover of the song by Drake

“You Are All I See” – Active Child

“Django Jane” – Janelle Monae

“On The Nature Of Daylight” – Max Richter

Friday Media Prep

We did the damn thing, guys. As Friday blooms around us, with promises of a beautiful weekend in my neck of the woods, I want to share the things I’m going to be enjoying over the break! Below you will find my suggestions for entertainment as you unwind from the restrictions of the work week.

Solo: A Star Wars Story

I mean…. it’s Star Wars, so I’m in. When news of this movie first dropped my immediate reaction was a soft meh. A few months later, there were the reports that the directors, Lord and Miller, were being fired from the production due to clashing with the studio, and I was just about over it all. After the first trailer, my disdain whittled to an eyebrow raise, then the final trailer had me reconsidering my doubt. I’m now looking forward to giving the movie a chance, in no small part due to my appreciation of Donald Glover and Thandie Newton.


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I have to thank Jesse Kadjo for forcing me to watch this show while she was in town for my bachelorette party last year. We were supposed  to be working on blog posts and site development, but the HBO gods wouldn’t let us live. I was a fan of the original film starring Yul Brenner (thanks to AMC marathons on the weekends), so I thought I had an idea what to expect; oh how wrong I was! The show is a masterclass is storytelling, drama, action and development and I highly recommend it to anyone with the patience to experience the unfolding of a world. Season 2 is underway, but season 1 is still available on HBO apps.

Potential triggers: sexual violence (not like Game of Thrones), murder, abuse, explosions.

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Active Child

When I like a song I will listen to it on repeat until I know every word (and start to hate it). I have been *loving* listening to Active Child for a few weeks now, without getting tired of his impressive range. “1999” and “Stranger” are the two tracks I’ve played to death thus far. I absolutely love watching the music videos due to Ashley Eva Brock’s beautiful costume design. It all reminds me of a Miyazaki movie, which will never be a bad thing.



That’s all I’ve got for today! Next week I’ll include my book selections as well, so stay tuned. As always, thank you for joining me and stay safe this weekend!